Upgrading the look of your lawn and yard doesn’t have to be expensive. You can actually do amazing Landscaping work by having little to no budget but using your wit, creativity, and purpose.

Our best researchers in Landscaping Renton team will give you ideas that you can incorporate into your Landscaping journey. Let’s get going and give your outdoor space a new look it deserves.

Reduce Lawn Size

A wide lawn is equivalent to a wide weed area to be controlled and you might spend your money just buying weed killers. Experts say that having some diversity in your lawn is healthy too rather than reducing it to monoculture. Except for crabgrass, there are acceptable weeds like wild violets which are beautiful and edible.

Plant Cuttings

Why buy expensive plants for your Landscaping project if you have your neighbors and friends? Ask for some cuttings from their thriving plants. It will give you more advantages other than the fact that it won’t cost you anything; it will also give you a high chance of growing it because it came from the same neighborhood with the same atmosphere and soil components.


You don’t need to buy new things every time. Search your house for things that you can use for Landscaping like bottles, old pots, containers and old tires. Garage sales and garden street fairs are nice places to find affordable but quality garden materials.

Lawn Edging

Make your lawn great looking by making edgings in it. According to our Landscaping Renton team, you don’t need to spend much on this. You can actually use old tires and china. If you want to give it more effort, you can buy cheap Besser blocks, tiles or bricks. If you just know where to place them, it will clearly mix with the other elements well.

Bright Paints

If you have children, using bright paints will make your lawn bright and friendly. Paint your stones, tires, and even furniture. It will give color to your lawn also especially when your plants and flowers won’t bloom yet. It will boost curb appeal and lively vibe too.

Make Flower Beds

Give your Landscaping work a dimension by incorporating flowerbeds. Create your flower beds in old tires and Besser blocks. Using different perennials like Cosmos, Achillea, and Centranthus is very convenient and applicable in adding dimension.


No need to buy soil for your Landscaping work. Use your compost if you have it already but if not, you should start collecting your garbage such as vegetable and fruit wastes, papers, lawn pruning, and coffee wells to make compost.

Landscaping is not a hard thing to do. Be yourself and apply your style in doing it and you will surely see the amazing result. Never be afraid to reuse old things and to try new things. You’ll never realize it’s beauty until you try to do it. Landscaping Renton team is confident that your lawn will look awesome with these Landscaping ideas.