You always put your best foot forward in keeping your Landscaping garden in Renton. But all of a sudden, some of them died. What happened? Did they get any disease from that Landscaping area?

The usual cause of dying plants is disease. So, it better prevent it rather than cure it. The Landscaping experts have these five tips for maintaining your healthy plants:

1. Apply the correct fertilizer

One of the most crucial tasks in keeping your Landscaping healthy is applying the right amount of fertilizer. Although fertilizer is good for the plants, too much of it can burn roots. You need to identify how much nutrients your plants need.

A soil test will give you accurate information on nutrient levels in your soil. You may buy a soil test kit from a Landscaping store in Renton, or you can have it through your local extension agency. Without it, you may provide too little or too much fertilizer on your plants which is not healthy. 

2. Choose and site plants appropriately

For an effective and successful Landscaping area, the first thing to know is the appropriate plants for your zone and site. If you plant flowers inappropriately like a shade-loving plant, azalea, in full sun, it will not grow healthy. Therefore, have a list of the plants suitable in your area.

3. Don’t crowd plants

Just like humans, plants will not be pleased in a crowded environment. Keep proper spacing on your plants to also keep them healthy. Crowded plants are prone to diseases like powdery rust, mildew, and downy mildew. Increase airflow in your Landscaping area to reduce relative humidity and let foliage dry more rapidly.

Moreover, plants that are placed too closely together tend to compete for light, water, and nutrients. Thus, it makes them grow poorly. These feeble plants are more vulnerable to diseases. Rearranging or dividing your plants when they need it will also help.

4. Keep an eye on your bugs

There are insects that can damage your Landscaping plants and give them viruses and bacteria. The common carriers are aphids, and thrips spread the necrotic spot virus. If they get very annoying, you may keep your plants healthy by using an eco-friendly insecticide from the Landscaping store in Renton to get rid of them.

5. Water properly

Watering your favorite Landscaping plants is good. Water is one of their primary needs. But there are plants that do not need plenty of water. Soaking soil or pots promotes some root-rotting fungi. It can also suffocate roots, making them weak and unhealthy.

Furthermore, there are also pathogens in the soil, and air needs water to move, grow, and reproduce. Meaning they tend to grow on your Landscaping plot. To eradicate these diseases, choose watering methods that limit moisture on a plant’s foliage. Hold the leaves out of the way as you water the roots if you are watering by hand.

Indeed, plants love proper care to maintain their health as well.