Looking for Gardening and Landscaping ideas but hesitant to break the bank? You might think it’s not possible, but it is! Giving your garden a budget-friendly makeover is feasible with some of the best tips from a Landscaping group in Renton. Below are cheap garden ideas that will make your outdoor sanctuary look fantastic but will save you cash!

Cheap Garden Idea #1. Do not invest in expensive soil.

The secret behind a healthy-looking garden is its soil. But, you don’t have to invest in the expensive ground you can find on the market. Instead, go organic! It is the best way to improve your Landscaping soil. Just gather these materials, which we think are already your trash, and start building your compost pile: kitchen scraps, coffee grounds, dry leaves, eggshells, newspaper, dry leaves, and grass clippings. Although there are still more, these are the most often we see in the trash bin. You don’t only have organic compost; you also live a minimal waste kind of life. That, without spending any dime!

Cheap Garden Idea #2. Recycle old furniture into plant pots.

 What better way to save than recycle, right? We are pretty sure you have those tired-looking furniture at home. Well, give it a new purpose in the garden! Opt for repurposing an old colander as a plant pot. Its drainage holes are perfect! Or teapots, no matter how rustic they look, would still look dainty as a planter or as a watering can. Get creative and upcycle! Besides, our Landscaping partners in Renton support sustainability and the continuous fight to reduce plastic use.

Cheap Garden Idea #3. Perk it up with furniture.

 Step the Landscaping game up and add cheap structures in your garden. A water feature, perhaps? Look for a salvaged sink and transform it into a birdbath. It’ll look vintage, but it will surely be a charm. It would feel nice to hang out with our feathered friends once in a while. How about a seat? Aim for recycled pallets as they are easy to assemble and are aesthetically pleasing. Throw in a few cushions, and you’re good to go.

Cheap Garden Idea #4. Spruce up your garden with a pathway.

 You can do a lot in landscaping, “DIY.” It will not only save you cash in paying professionals, but you can also choose the cheapest but the best materials fit for your garden. Navigate your garden with gravel or mulch – cheap pathway materials, and put up some concrete slabs.

Cheap Garden Idea #5. Know your garden.

 Set your landscaping goals straight — am I building a flower garden, an herb garden, a vegetable garden. How long do I want my plants to stay? Perennials are the easiest flowers to grow outdoor. Spend on it once, and you’ll enjoy its beauty for years!

So here are the top five tips for Landscaping in Renton handpicked for garden owners who would love to switch to a cost-friendly garden. Happy landscaping!